Andy Spickett – Technical Consultant, Saratoga

“Saratoga’s main strength is in the people it employs. Not only are they technically and academically gifted but they have the key personal skills that enable them to build strong client and team relationships.”

Andy is a Technical Consultant based at the Saratoga head office. He is currently working on a client project, gathering requirements from the client and then implementing functionality to their existing suite of products. Andy spends most of his time writing and testing code, but also attends client and team meetings on occasion. “I encounter and solve problems on a daily basis, whether it’s in code or from a client and business perspective.”

While the workplace is very different from an education environment, Andy believes that the same skills and attributes are important in both of these. Work ethic, professionalism and eagerness to learn are some of the keys to flourishing in both of these environments. “The workplace allows you to develop not only professionally but also personally, and this presents you with different sets of opportunities throughout your working career.”

Another important tool for success in the workplace is mentorship. This can take many forms and Andy has benefited from formal and informal mentorship at Saratoga. “I have been lucky enough to receive mentoring from various managers I have worked closely with. They have informally given me guidance, advice and feedback that I know has really benefited me during my career”. For Andy, mentorship works both ways, and he is trying to mentor those starting their careers at Saratoga by passing on the knowledge he has gained.

Andy’s advice for graduates looking to start their careers is to find a company that will expose them to a variety of clients and work. “That way you can figure out what you enjoy and what you don’t. Not many people know exactly what they want to do or are good at from the onset.  Working on different projects allows you to determine how you might want your career to progress in future.”

Applications for the 2017 Graduate Programme are currently open. Alternatively, visit our Open Roles page for available positions at Saratoga.

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