Charlene Seini – Senior Consultant, Saratoga

“Our company culture is centered on excellence and delivering the best quality work to our clients. This means that we all strive to continually improve and deliver better quality work every single day.”

Charlene joined Saratoga in 2012 and has since thrived and become a Senior Consultant. She originally joined us with hopes of being exposed to more industries in order to become a better business analyst.  “One of the reasons I chose to work for Saratoga is the fact that they are focused on the growth of their employees.  As much as I am here to do a job, Saratoga has an invested interest in me becoming the best I can be”.

With the help of her managers Charlene is currently preparing to obtain her Certified Business Analysis Professional certification. “My managers and I have worked closely to ensure that the work I do on my projects help me obtain the necessary hours of experience to qualify to write the exam”. Working for Saratoga means that you are given many opportunities and more importantly, given the necessary support and time in which to achieve them.  “Our culture is built on supporting each other in what we do and no one is left to struggle on their own. This support structure means that an individual can draw from an incredible pool of talent at any point in time”.

The work Charlene is involved with ranges from creating business processes to streamline operations, designing workflows and facilitating strategic workshops. “One of the most challenging, but also rewarding projects I have worked on involved overhauling an entire department to better the financial standing of the organisation.” For Charlene, a highlight in her career so far was presenting at the Business Analysis Summit Southern Africa conference in 2014 and 2015.

Outside of client work Charlene is also very involved with internal Saratoga initiatives and has greatly contributed to the Saratoga graduate induction process where graduates spend four weeks covering topics such as testing, analysis, agile principles and various technology topics.

Working with students and graduates has become a passion of Charlene’s and she has contributed towards a case study for the University of Cape Town’s Information Systems course. Charlene also presented guest lecturers to students on a few occasions and provided feedback on business cases produced by the students.  “I attended UCT so from a personal level, it is such a surreal experience for me to be able to contribute towards the learnings of future professionals”.

Charlene encourages her graduate mentees to take ownership of their career growth from day one of joining Saratoga. For graduates, understanding what is expected of them within their roles and then actively seeking out opportunities to grow their skills is very important.

“The key lesson I have learned through my journey with Saratoga is that my career is my responsibility and that my manager is there to assist and enable my growth, not govern my progression in my career. Through this realisation I have found my work to be incredibly rewarding and personally so very fulfilling. I love what I do and it is largely due to the fact that I work for a company that truly wants me to succeed as an individual”.



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