Dale Warncke, Developer – Saratoga

“One of the values of Saratoga is ‘People Matter’, and it shows the minute you walk in on your first day. It feels like I’ve joined a second family, and everyone I work with at Saratoga is invested in my success. It not only comes out in how Saratogans interact and work with one another, but also how we interact with our clients.”

Dale initially studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cape Town, but joined Saratoga through our graduate programme as a graduate developer. The first few weeks of the graduate programme is aimed at integrating graduates into the workplace, and to also help them prepare for real-world projects. “The graduate programme was useful in gaining experience in the overall workings of an IT consulting company such as Saratoga. Over time the work became more particular to my role as a developer and was directed at building my technical skills.”

“My first few months at Saratoga provided me with a great deal of excitement, learning and very interesting challenges. I have learnt how much I can stretch myself and adapt to improve myself in my role and as a human being.” Dale was soon placed on his first project after completing the graduate programme. “I felt enthusiastic about the opportunity since it was my first real-world project in which I would work with many intelligent and dynamic people.”

The biggest challenge for Dale was more about the change of industry, rather than the change in role. Coming from an engineering background, Dale had to quickly adapt and learn how to effectively work as a developer. “Overcoming this challenge has been all about attitude. Rather than considering it a challenge, I changed my outlook and looked at it as an incredible opportunity to learn a vast amount of new things.”

For graduates looking to apply for a position or a graduate programme, Dale recommends applying to companies with values that match your own. “Don’t go for the company that gives you the highest offer, but the company in which you can learn and grow on a day-to-day basis. Pursuing a position in a company that will offer you mentorship is definitely the way to go. Mentorship has provided me with the tools to grow my career effectively and intelligently.”

Applications for graduate developers for our 2018 Graduate Programme are now open.

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