Desigan Moonsamy – Principal Consultant, Saratoga

“We have some really bright people who are great at what they do. People with a common vision and culture.”

Desigan Moonsamy, Principal Consultant is proud to be called a Saratogan because he believes that they are invested in their delivery and seek to provide maximum benefit to clients. “We have a great ecosystem. We strive to provide a challenging career with some fun elements along the way. We hold true to our values – mutual respect, personal excellence and people matter. These are more than just words, it’s how we operate.”

At the current project Desigan is assigned to, he is responsible for test management, testing planning and execution. Further duties include conducting analysis and providing input into solution design as well as providing support and training to Operations. “Consulting is tough work! You need to be an expert, as your clients pay a premium for your services and they expect high quality delivery.  It’s a challenge, but growing your skills is great fun and adds further depth to your profile.” According to Desigan the key is to be true to yourself and maintain integrity – “work as if Saratoga was your company and leave a legacy that you can be proud of.”

Besides his client work Desigan is also very involved at Saratoga and forms part of the Solution Delivery leadership team. Desigan is a mentor at Saratoga and helps with the recruitment of staff and graduates. “I really enjoy mentoring. It’s great to help someone achieve new heights. It’s all about practicing wisdom and learning from mistakes already made by others”.

At Saratoga you are given the opportunity to be successful. You are provided with a fair amount of autonomy, great senior management and mentorship. “The ability to drive your own career is very real and the ambitious grab this with both hands” encourages Desigan. If he could describe working at Saratoga in one word it would be: “Rewarding”.

“On your first day at work you think you can take on the world. Pretty soon the glass shatters and you realise that you have lots to still learn about the industry.” Desigan advises new graduates that the theoretical knowledge they gain at university is a great spring board, but that they will need to work hard to get up to speed with the working world.

“Keeping skills current is a constant challenge and one has to persistently evaluate skills and plan to further develop and grow.”

Applications for the 2017 Graduate Programme are currently open.


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