Dorothy Mhlanga, Consultant – Saratoga

“The guidance of a mentor at Saratoga has provided me with many valuable lessons and I’ve learnt to take advantage of opportunities I may not have recognised otherwise.”

Mentorship plays a big role in Dorothy Mhlanga’s career and has helped her to adapt to the workplace. “Mentorship is a part of the company culture here at Saratoga, and it provides me with the guidance I need to take the next steps to grow my career.”

While Dorothy believes in the value of tertiary education, work experience has made Dorothy realise academic work doesn’t always fully factor in the unique set of constraints and challenges that exist in the working world. “A classic example of this is Agile; the theory of Agile assumes a set of working conditions that unfortunately usually don’t exist in the majority of companies.”

During her time as a consultant at Saratoga, Dorothy has worked in many different spaces including Agile environments, pure analysis environments and in research. While the kind of work Dorothy does can vary on a daily basis depending on the need of the client, the core of what she does is problem solving through business analysis. “I take a problem, task or a requirement presented to me by a client, take time to understand their needs and then make recommendations for a solution which caters to their specific set of requirements.” These solutions can then take many forms including process flow improvements or building great software to address these needs.

One of the most important lessons Dorothy has learnt during her time at Saratoga is the importance of working with the right people. “When you have a group of people that are committed and share the same vision, the possibilities are endless. This has been my experience at Saratoga, because we are committed and share the same vision to provide genuine value for our clients.”

For graduates new to the workplace or looking to kick-start their career – “Ask lots of questions and learn as much as you can”, suggests Dorothy. “This is one of the best pieces of advice I have ever received.  In all the work I do, it is through asking questions that I am able to fully understand user and system requirements and from there make informed recommendations for good solutions.”

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