Preparing your application

Useful tips to read through before you apply

How to apply


To apply for one of our vacancies online we’ll need the following documents from you, so be sure to have these ready before starting your application process:

Application requirements for graduates:

  • CV (any format – word or pdf)
  • Cover letter
  • Academic transcripts (Grade 12 and university results)

Application requirements for experienced hires:

  • CV (any format – word or pdf)
  • Cover letter

Do your research

How to apply

Before you decide to apply for a position make sure you’ve researched the relevant Saratoga Group company thoroughly.

It’s important to consider the company structure and values to make sure that these align with what you’re looking for. Saratoga, for example, is a consultant company and most of our staff are based at client sites for the duration of their projects. This means that you may be working at different client sites and will have to be someone who easily adapts to new teams and environments.

To find out more about Saratoga’s company culture follows us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Flickr.

Application Process


Reviewing Applications

We carefully review and consider all the applications we receive for our various positions and will inform you whether we’d like to see you for an interview, if you might be a better candidate for another position than the one you applied for or if we feel you’re not the right candidate for the position.


After screening applications our HR department will contact candidates we are interested in for interviews. In the shortlisting process candidates may be asked to come for a ‘culture fit’ interview and / or a ‘practical’ interview which usually consists of case study questions. Occasionally a candidate may be asked to come for a third and final interview.


Our interviews either take place at our Head Office in Rondebosch, Cape Town or via Skype for candidates who aren’t based in Cape Town.

What we look for

Company culture


We’re always looking for innovative professionals or graduates who have a love for new technologies and creating sustainable business solutions.

Carefully read through the skills listed for the position you’re applying for and make sure these align with your skills and interests.


We generally look for candidates who are of graduate or post graduate level.

However, candidates with a wealth of experience in their field and a proven track record of innovative work without a qualification may still be considered for some positions.

Personality fit

People matter, personal excellence and mutual respect are our company values at Saratoga.

We’re looking for candidates with similar values and who will fit in well with our current team. Candidates also need to be able to easily adapt to new projects or client environments.