Inga Davids – Business Consultant, Saratoga

“Being able to interact and learn from some of the prominent thought leaders in the business was one of the many reasons why I wanted to join Saratoga.”

Inga believes it’s definitely the people at Saratoga that sets this organisation apart from its competitors. “You walk in the door and you can feel the palpable passion, buzz and general ‘go-getter’ attitude. It inspires you to be great, to do more!”  For Inga, Saratoga is a great place to work because she gets excited about the conversations she can have with her peers, managers and mentors on a daily basis.

As a Business Consultant at Saratoga, Inga is involved with meeting stakeholders, crafting requirements alongside stakeholders and understanding how the proposed change may impact the stakeholder’s business.

When initially making the transition into a work environment as a graduate, and before joining Saratoga, Inga was surprised by the poor or non-existent mentorship and coaching programmes, ad-hoc feedback and career progression that did not align. “These surprises in turn challenged me to look for opportunities elsewhere, to seek out my own mentors and take responsibility for my career.”  Inga was greatly inspired by the passionate and driven individuals she met in the workplace and decided to surround herself with colleagues who changed her mind-set and prospective on moving forward.

Since joining Saratoga mentorship has played an important role in Inga’s career, and she was excited to be paired with her mentor from the get go. “Saratoga invests in your development through great mentors. My mentor has provided objective advice, support and guidance in new situations in order to foster growth and development, to enable me to reach my potential and feel empowered to do the job”. The time and effort that mentors invest at Saratoga has been invaluable to Inga’s career.

“Empowering”, is how Inga describes working at Saratoga. At Saratoga, Inga has learnt that it’s her responsibility to grow her career, and while the opportunities at Saratoga are endless, it’s up to each employee to mold and drive the career path they want. “Saratoga is a company that values your inputs and rewards hard work, and every voice in the company is valued – no matter the age”. Thanks to her experiences at Saratoga, Inga has also realised that career progression and reaching major career milestones, or sharing insights and opinions is not age driven.

“Saratoga is a place where if you put the time in, you will reap the rewards personally and professionally”. Inga’s advice to those aspiring to join is that it’s not only about the hard technical skills, it’s also about the soft skills. Saratoga employs well-rounded individuals who can communicate with clients and peers, not only with great technical finesse, but also with heart too.

“Be passionate and bold”.

Applications for our 2017 Graduate Programme are currently open. Alternatively visit our Open Roles for opportunities at Saratoga.

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