Kuda Kandemiiri – Analyst, Saratoga

“My first year at Saratoga was definitely a year of growth and I’ve had the privilege of working with very experienced Business Consultants”.

During 2016 Kuda had the opportunity to work on multiple short term projects for various clients. Some of these projects Kuda got involved with simply through his own curiosity and initiative. “I appreciated how welcoming those project teams were and I feel I gained a tremendous amount of experience from the projects I was involved in”.

For Kuda, his biggest challenge was the change from an academic schedule to adjusting to a new work place routine. “It felt like, all of a sudden, I no longer had a thesis and assignments to work on, but rather a career to develop and I had to follow a completely different daily schedule”. Kuda quickly adapted to the new work environment by working on a career plan with his mentor and with more experienced business consultants.

Joining the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) as a volunteer and also joining the Saratoga social committee further helped Kuda integrate into the new work environment. “As someone who is passionate about events management and interacting with people, the social committee has given me a platform to develop my skills and knowledge.” As a member of the IIBA Kuda has also had the opportunity to attend numerous conferences and has been able to network with professionals in business analysis.

As a graduate Kuda’s role has evolved during his first year at Saratoga. While he initially held more of a tester role he has since been working as an analyst and has been responsible for mapping out business systems and documenting and maintaining requirements. In 2017 Kuda wants to identify an area of specialist knowledge that he can develop and grow in while also furthering his education. “I want to focus on developing my career towards a more team-leadership role.”

His advice for graduates looking for opportunities? “Ask, ask, and ask! Find out as much as you can before joining the company, so that you can identify if you’re a good fit for the company or not. Even more importantly, find out if the company is a good fit for you.”

Applications for Saratoga’s 2018 Graduate Programme are now open. For more information about the Programme and how to apply please click here.

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