Lynray Barends, Developer – Saratoga

“One of Saratoga’s core values is ‘people matter’, and it truly shows in the caliber of people who work here, as well as the time Saratoga takes to invest in them.”

After joining Saratoga as part of our graduate programme, Lynray Barends quickly adapted to the new work environment. “What surprised me was the true value of practical experience. Working in agile teams, handling tough clients, implementing test driven development and working on a live site – all of these concepts came to life, and tested my abilities on a daily basis.”

The first project Lynray was placed on required the Saratoga team to build a data driven deriving application to assist one of our clients with becoming FATCA compliant. For this project Lynray wrote SQL scripts, created an extensive unit testing system, built SSIS packages, and he was also involved with bug fixing, enhancements and documentation. Being part of a cross functional team also prompted Lynray to learn skills which were outside of his comfort zone during the project. “This was an amazing learning experience. Your whole team becomes empowered, and it decreases the dependency on a certain individual. There have been very few days where I have not learnt something from my teammates.”

Deciding he wanted to gain more experience as a full stack developer, Lynray then went on to join the IOL Web team. “We’ve mainly been working on migrating the backend CMS of the IOL website onto Baobab, and currently we are working on implementing a new overall design for the site.” Since starting on the IOL team Lynray has worked on many different aspects of the project, including DevOps (production deployments), backend (NodeJS) micro-services and frontend (JSX and CSS).

Continuous learning and skills development is something Lynray encourages graduates to focus on as well. “Never think your capacity to learn has been capped and make sure you learn from your mistakes. Remember what you have learnt and then adjust your actions in future to improve your work and skills.”

We’re currently looking for the next generation of technology experts and business thought leaders. If you would like to kick-start your career, applications for our 2018 Graduate Programme are now open.


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