Mando Kapeso, Developer – Saratoga

“The willingness of the Saratogans to pass on knowledge and help when I have needed it has been incredible.”

The first few weeks of the graduate programme were among the highlights of being at Saratoga for Developer, Mando Kapeso. Learning from consultants with a range of experience and from different backgrounds have given Mando a holistic view of what it means to be a developer. “I enjoy learning and asking questions and everybody I’ve come across has been more than willing to help me learn”.

Mando believes the positive attitude of those he’s worked with at Saratoga comes from the strong company values at Saratoga. “I’ve been welcomed into the organisation by everyone I have met, from the CEO to the HR manager and my colleagues.

Since completing the graduate programme, the work Mando has been involved with at Saratoga has ranged from .Net software development on the internal contract management system, and integrated software development on a loan management system for a client. “I would like to become a Solutions/System Architect. In order for me to achieve this I believe I’m in the best organisation because I get to work on various projects and get exposed to various technologies as a consultant”.

The biggest challenges for Mando in moving from an academic environment to the workplace was having to manage his time efficiently to make sure all project goals are met, and learning to use industry best practices instead of academic theory. “To overcome these challenges I’ve learnt to adequately make use of Agile, the development methodology implemented by my team. Also, in order for me to learn industry best practices I’m continually seeking advice from my more experienced colleagues.”

Mando advises graduates to rather consider what they could learn from an organisation instead of simply looking at paychecks when trying to decide which organisations to apply at. “Find an organisation that will provide you with a variety of learning opportunities and is willing to grow you as an individual is very important when you’re starting your career.”

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