Samantha Smith – Analyst, Saratoga

“I have found my journey with Saratoga, since joining in August 2015, to be one of self-discovery and immense growth.”

While Samantha originally started her career as a software developer, she was introduced to stakeholder management and engagement and started operating in a dual role on a project. “I found a new confidence in my abilities and in my interactions with the stakeholders.” Samantha then joined Saratoga as an analyst. “I describe my experience with Saratoga as self-discovery because of all I have learnt about myself and my abilities.” Transitioning to a business analyst role has allowed Samantha to discover new aspects of her professional abilities and she is now gaining exposure to another part of the software development life cycle.

“Saratoga has been a key contributor to achieving my goal to transition from a software development role into a business analysis role.” Samantha believes that Saratoga’s focus on investing in people is what sets them apart. “The investment in employees is not limited to monetary value. Saratoga have a keen focus on building their employees and assisting them in their growth professionally and personally.”

For Samantha and her colleagues at Saratoga, mentorship and coaching have proven to be initiatives that have provided continuing support and guidance. ”My mentorship relationship proved to be invaluable in establishing myself as an analyst. My mentor provided valuable insight into situations by being objective, and ensuring my personal growth is of value to both my role and personal growth goals.”

Samantha encourages graduates looking to join a company that will invest in their career development and personal growth, to jump at the opportunity to apply at Saratoga. “Saratoga is a company that invests in you and your goals. Personal growth is a key focus, and the mentorship and coaching initiatives are designed to assist you in achieving your goals.”

“Guidance, support and assistance are never out of reach. Everyone at Saratoga is encouraged to be approachable and to approach others. This establishes a culture where experience and knowledge is easily shared among everyone working at Saratoga.”

Applications for the 2017 Graduate Programme have been extended till end October 2016. Alternatively, for open roles at Saratoga please click here.

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