Thabo Ndluvo – Software Developer, Saratoga

“Working at Saratoga I’ve seen that nothing beats passion and curiosity, it’s refreshing to work with people who are motivated.”

One of the things that Thabo appreciates about working at Saratoga is the genuine emphasis the company places on their people. “Saratoga has a keen eye for the right kind of people, people who are motivated and desire to be impactful in their careers”. Thabo also feels empowered in his position as a software developer and believes staff at Saratoga thrive because they are offered a diverse experience. “More likely than not you’ll work at the client and not ‘in house’, that also means there’ll be a mix of technologies and experiences, so you won’t get bored.”

Although Thabo’s job title as a software developer might lead you to believe he spends all day coding, he instead sees himself as a problem solver. “The role has a lot more to it than just coding. Problems I solve range from business related, like finding requirements and fleshing them out, to engaging with users, stakeholders and my team.” Development, analysis and even testing also form part of Thabo’s work on a regular basis.

Thabo believes that the soft skills he’s learnt at Saratoga are also invaluable. For Thabo, being sociable, honest and maintaining good relationships is very important. “I write a lot of code so you might think, well that’s all that matters, but ultimately we’re all in the business of people, people matter.”

Moving from an education environment to the workplace was a smooth transition for Thabo and mentorship played a large role in him becoming orientated to the workplace. For professional development, Thabo finds learning and sharing with his colleagues the most rewarding. “I find my team relationships very beneficial from a career perspective and I learn a lot from the more senior colleagues I work with, it’s really great.”

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