Tristam Riordan – Graduate Analyst, Saratoga

An Interview With Saratoga Graduate: Tristam Riordan

Tristam Riordan, an Information System Honours student from Rhodes University, tells us more about his journey to Saratoga and his experience so far.

What has the transition from the educational environment to the workplace at Saratoga been like for you?

The transition from Rhodes University to Saratoga has been a very smooth and easy transition thanks to everyone I met during my one month induction programme. The Saratogans are very friendly and helpful which allowed me to start my working career on a good note.

As a successfully placed graduate, you have been able to convert your skills and knowledge into action in solving real problems for clients. What has that experience been like for you?

My first real opportunity to convert my academic skills and knowledge into action was on a project for a client in Durban. My first few days were completely terrifying – everything seemed to go straight over my head. (This could have been a result of the 3am start and an early journey to the airport on the Monday morning.) After the first few days everything started to fall into place and I have been working in a Quality Assurance role with a great team of people who I continue to learn from.

Why did you decide to apply to work at Saratoga – what set it apart from other companies?

The unique combination of having small company values with the opportunities of a big company was what stood out for me when applying to Saratoga. The company provides opportunities to work at different clients and in different roles which is a great way of gaining experience and learning a variety of skills.

Which lessons (professional and/or personal) and insights have you gained during your time at Saratoga?

Over the past few months I’ve learnt to make the most of the opportunities available to me and to absorb as much information as I can from the people around. Being able to pick the brains of the senior employees who have many years of experience has been exceptionally valuable.

Can you give us a brief explanation of your role – what it entails, the work you do on a daily basis and the kinds of problems you solve?

Currently I’m working in Quality Assurance for a client based in Durban. On a daily basis, I attend my team meeting where we discuss the work we did the previous day, the work we will be focusing on for that day and any issues that are preventing us from going forward. After this meeting we can proceed with our work that entails testing and documenting any defects for a system.

How has mentorship in the workplace assisted you in assimilating into the workplace and succeeding at what you do?

There is an emphasis on maintaining a good relationship with your mentor at Saratoga which has been very helpful in my adjustment to the workplace. My mentor has provided me with excellent guidance regarding deciding on a career path and has also given me insightful suggestions about how to handle situations that arise in the workplace.

If you could describe your experience of working at Saratoga in one word, which would it be?


What advice do you have for graduates who would like to apply to join Saratoga?

If you are a graduate who is passionate about problem solving and want to learn new things on a daily basis, apply early and show enthusiasm. Good attitude and a willingness to learn is very important, especially at a company like Saratoga that invests in your growth.

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